Welcome to my website!

I'm not really Raju but I am a writer and this is the online home of my creative portfolio.

An S.O.P.

The most profound realizations produce stillness. The need for words is extinguished, external expression is not possible. As writers, as artists, we must juxtapose this ultimate obsolescence of ourselves and our roles, against that function of our writing which translates to ourselves our very selves and the lived human experience, and answer the question ‘why’. Why give time to creative expression if in the end we wish to reach the stillness of realization?

My own resolution of this conundrum is: because I can’t help it; because it reminds me of the goal of the journey; because it reinforces what is true amongst the noise of living, because in so doing we find and build meaningful communities of kindred spirits. And because it gives me bucketloads of joy! 😀

I want to express the truest parts of myself through the three mediums I use- the written word, drawings and photography. I want them to be true, I want them to be good, and I want them to be filled with light.

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